Getting ready for Christmas! :)
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Eevee with Water Pendant
Another version of my beloved Eevee. Eevee thinks "Will I someday be a Vaporeon?" :)
Flower Fragments
Many pictures of flowers with a wide use of the smudge tool and a lighting tool. This took a while to make, but the resu...
No description
Eevee Water Pendant Secret Power
A cute little dog-like creature, Eevee, with a blue pendant. Eevee is using its mystical powers to release mysterious bl...
Random Colorfulness
No description
Abstract Packman
No description
No description
Color Radiating Pichu
I really enjoyed making Pichu. My favorite part was creating the rainbow that seems to be radiating from and around Pich...
Blurred Cherubi
My first for SumoPaint cherubi and second I have ever drawn. I love SumoPaint! :D
Sharingan Eye 1
A colorful Sharingan eye illusion.
Dragon Practice 1
A picture of my style of a colorful dragon all funked out.
Sharingan Eye Die
A colorful Sharingan eye illusion on a die.
Kirby Experiment
A purple Kirby in cylinder format.
No description
No description
Blue Essence
Just something random I threw together.
Beneath The Waves
Random fish and sea star drawing.
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