"I fear seeing your blinding smile, hearing your synchronizing voice, and smelling the sweet sent that lingers after you walk by. For they all remind me of the only thing that could make me smile."
Quote:""Dear sweet sensations, good-bye.""
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This is for my friend Sam.(:
School girl.
No description
Mustache Hampster
No description
Lelouch Lamperouge
I couldn't quite find the right color for his skin on here. xD
Lovely rose.
No description
< 3
No description
Made him for lynn(:
Made for Bee(:
Made for Bee(:
Got bored ;3
No description
Death of Gir.
How often is it that you find something about Gir being murdered?
Bee and I were on MSN talking about this. xD
Rainbow Condom
Another one Bee and I were talking about. xDD
No description
Pet banana
Well, my new friend and I were talking about bananas, and the idea popped up into my head. (:
A wolf.
Well, I got bored around three a.m. and started to draw him,
No description
Purple People Eater
I actually didn't draw this one, my friend did.(:
I promised Ethan that I would draw him in the "sexiest" way possible.
The night sky.
No description
No description
T'is me.
Look at my nerd-ness.
Om nom nom
Mac-n-cheese (:
I made this for a friend. o_o.. Named Domingo.
before :3
No description
No description
Bipolar Much?
No description
I'll be adding the text later
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