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Name:Isabelle Wallgren
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Age:18 years
Quote:"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
Signed:24.11.2009 16:29
Logged:29.05.2012 19:46
Interests:Drawing, music, friends and family etc.. Plays the clarinette and saxophone, and I take some pictures at my free time.
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So, this is my first time to draw whit a tablet, or what it's called. ... Easier. Much.
The Joker - Heath Ledger
A reference was used.
Puppy dog
I'm starting to learn how it works now!
Happy snake
Lip injection
For Kwikdraw's 'Lips' contest. And a reference was used
5 min - hairball
My sister wanted me to show I how it worked to draw whit sumopaint so it become a simple little 5 minute furball c:
Kinda messy. I'm to lazy to fix it so it get real good right now. I miss my pink hair.. Hmm.. Maybe I shoul...
Bob Marley
Not really a super fan of Marley, he's good, but nah. But I alwaysed liked this picture of him. And a referenc...
My first time painting on sumopaint.
Yup, it's me :D ... Well, half my face.
This is the "I don't really know" picture, and now, you actually can see it! Yeeea, like I said, I had...
Lady Gaga
A reference was used. I think it took 2-3 hours, then I realized how much the time was. Haha just sitting, painting a...
Dr House
Photo on the original drawing. Size A3. (:
Elton John
I actually like this one. Hope you do to! (:
Broken fairytales
Saw the picture somewhere in black and white, so I did one in colour.
Blue Eyes
A reference was used. Really quick drawing. I'm really bad at finish old paintings.. I just start new ones ...
Well, I had boring so I did a quick coloring of 'Portrait' (the selfportrait that don't really look like ...
A reference was used. I must say, I love the eyes.
I started this one several months ago, using a reference photo, but then my computer broke down and I couldn't fin...
I think I painted this for about ½ - 1 year ago? It's done whit 'normal' paint anyway. That prog...
An attempt to portrait of Michael Jackson at a young age. Didn't go so well. Haha
A have reeeeaaaaally boring..
keep dreaming
Just tried that scribbler. It is really fun actually! I like it big times! Haha. If you haven't tried it yet, d...
Don't really know....
Well, this is what happends when I have really boring for a very long time and don't like the second page of my not...
It's a self portrait and I think you actually can se that it's supose to be me :D Okay.. if you know how I ...
Red beetle
No description
Kept drawing on "the innocent". A little improvement. Didn't have a refference to this but had one when I...
Haha. What can I say? I was bored and listened to a Hercules song (from one of the best Disney movies ever), and then I ...
Tyra Banks
Watch in full view please. Haha. Don't have much to say about this one, except that it's drawn on paper, no...
No description
The Innocent
The reference was a photo taken by me on my dads cousins child, (dosn't know if that has a name? In swedish it is &...
Full view? :D Drawn on paper
Another time I might even add the color as well.
Marilyn Monroe
It's drawn with a 4B-pencil on A4-paper. It was made in school. Don't mind the watermark, I took it fro...
A reference was used. She wanted me to paint her. Took about 40 minutes to do whit mouse.
Twins stick together
This is me and my twinsister. I think we were four or five, when the original photo was taken. The drawing is in A3....
Danny Saucedo
Drawn on paper. Danny is a Swedish artist (music) I have to say it looks better irl.. Haha.
Drawed on paper
ust made a quick drawing, becouse I have reeeaally boring... HEHEEE
Just some random doodling in Scribbler. Though I should upload something to show that I'm alive. Haha,,,
To Patty
Finally got to borrow a computer to so I got to finnish this that I have been working on to Patty. Actually I started o...
Okay, just had a free period and I was bored so I started painting. You what's hard? To paint on the computer wit...
Don't know what to call him...
Well this is what happened when I tried to study. Lucky for me, I already studied for quite some time so I believe I had...
Marilyn Monroe 2
I know, I already done a Marilyn Monroe but this one was to sell to one of my mothers friend. My first sale! Haha :D Dr...
Hayden Panettiere
Drawn with pencils on a A3 paper.
Name missing
Well, after I did the last drawing - , I started to really enjoy the charac...
female version
Later on yesterday night I got inspired yet one more time. And this time I wanted to draw a female version! The others...
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