Quote:"When the dead walk, the living will fill these coffins."
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For Sweetstarberry's contest. Oh I just loooove toothless! :3 A reference was used (it was the movie poster of t...
For Izzieoh
This was a request from Izzeoh. Hope you like it!
Blue legged strawberry frog
The name is too long (:^)
Bird in a Tree
For Kwikdraw's Destination: Finland contest. Sorry it's so small. :^)
No description
Ghost Horse
for my friends birthday. :^)
Michaelangelo's Studio
For Kwikdraws Destination: Italy contest
Quoth the Raven
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, W...
Mythical fish (coelecanth)
This prehistoric fish was once thought to be just a myth. It is armored. Pronounciation: see-low-canth
My dog. :^)
Room With a Candle
For Loveshine's contest: your imagination.
The color of the wind
No description
for Claygate's contest. A close up of spotted leaf with a leaf in her mouth. ^_^
Planetary Explosion
For Sockman 101s conest. The fire thing is a laser/drill (like the one from Star Trek XD)
Lord Henry Blackwood
Hands down Best villan from any movie. EVER. :D
The Tigers Pelt
For Artgirl198712's contest. :^)
The reflection
Well, its not a reflection in the water... ITS ON A TABLE!!! For Contestdude's Reflection contest.
The Wave
I made this on my iPod touch- thats why it's so small... :^)
Call of the Wild
A request for Canidae. Hope you like it! :^)
Rainbow Fish
Just a random thought. Request for Sofispalashley. :^)
Beyond the hold of the earth...
For Contestboard's Contest
Lord Blackwood
...again. A reference was used.
Sunrise, Sunset
I was to lazy to do the background like the rest of the picture. :P
Evening Sail
No description
Call of the Wild 2
Second of the new series :^)
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