Follow Your Instincts, Not The Crowd. Who Cares What They Say. I PROMISE TO FOLLOW AND PROTECT MY TRIBE TILL THE DAY I DIE!
Name:Megan Chisholm
Age:19 years
Quote:"I SWEAR TO FOLLOW MY PACK AND PROTECT MY TRIBE TILL THE DAY I DIE! I Will Follow My Instinct And I Dont Care What Anyone Says. Sometimes I just want to run and never stop, so i do but unfortunatly i have to stop to come home and eat."
Signed:25.03.2010 13:01
Logged:17.12.2010 17:59
Interests:I Am A Veggie, I'd Put An Animals Life Before My Own, MY TRIBE, Art And Music, Trust And Friendship And Most Impotantly My Boy Friend.
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My Version Of A Pic I Saw On Google :)
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The Great Wolf
Wolf Running
Its pretty bad but hay cut me some slack it is quarter past 1 in the morning here in the UK :P
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Random Wolf
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