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Name:Dinah Kalaha
Age:16 years
Quote:"If she's a smart cookie... than what am I? A retarded egg-roll?"
Signed:24.02.2010 01:01
Logged:20.09.2010 00:55
Interests:Wolves, neon things, her tablet , DS i
Images:8 (public images)
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My fursona, Mimzie :p
Just my fursona :P I added some stuff..maybe i should stop changing her design around then hehehe this is her 5th one ...
random dragon
A dragon as requested by my friend....along with a craptastic background :p
My newest character, A demonic wolf :3 Hehehe, thinking of a certain Shakira song now... :P
Susiron's meme :P
Surison, Your meme was fun :D Hope you like it :)
Joint character with my cousin, The demonic twin belongs to me, the angelic twin belongs to her :)
Just looking at the fireflies :)
FREE wolf line art :D
Line art for your use:) I 'm using it to make adoptables soon:P Look out for them :D
Wolf adoptables !
Posting these on deviant art, so if they go quickly, you know why :P ...
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