i fanally got a tablet so this crap should start looking batter :I
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Signed:14.10.2009 07:25
Logged:16.04.2011 04:26
Interests:mostly manga, anime, and drawing :3
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Kawaii penguin
thank you for the idea: Dadomo and Kmw1
Me...chibi ^w^
just trying everything out and getting used to the program
izzy :3
all done with this one
No description
fan art :3
i figured i would draw a chibi since in so good at it...i blured it so u cant really see the fuzzy outline, and i was to...
In this pic the girl wuz supposed to have red hair but i added some affects (i kinda went over board) and the hair wuznt...
snow day
chibi, snow, winter
magic girl
Made this for a contest but compared to most it was crap so i thought hey why not post it here -w-
little singer
just a random doodle i got board an there you have it.
christmas kiss
cherry blossms i have a habit of putting them in everything i draw =w=
Brother-sister love
^w^ i love how i did this picture with a new tenique turned out well fo a first time
yes my name is spelled wrong in the corner if it bothers you too bad! (my name isnt maria for those of youwho can read i...
PANTIE SHOT!!!! xD lolz you know it the only thing your really paying attention to
idk how many of you have watched the spongbob episode this came from but yeah my friend kama and i though it would be re...
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