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first picture! ^^
picture i did for an art festival, the coloring looks really bad on the computer and it wasn't smooth to begin with...
Michaels vs Johanns
I was in the car with my mom when i saw michaels the craft store so i wonder if michaels and johanns (another craft stor...
WAAAA!!!!!! DX
bored in math....did it on the back of my math work can actually see my math if you look really closely to ...
standing in the snow
another old picture....this one i did during winter
Unfinished! D8
I know this pic isn't finished but I really wanted so show everyone a recent pic that I did. This one is for my fri...
really really really old and crappy...but i still decided to post it...XD
Faeries just wanna have fun
old pic, sucky coloring, stupid scanner, and was fun to sketch ^^
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