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Once a day for groceries
Reposstinggg from 2010 because I still kind of love it. I would put all my old stuff back up, but I don't like how ...
A crack in the wall
Inspired by the book Tales of terror from the tunnel's mouth, when a boy looks through a crack in a wall in his new...
Like a waltz
Two of my eccentric characters, Beau and Jared on a ferris wheel... or something. The title doens't really have to...
No sunlight
Nyarrrgh... something for a contest. You know, I may not do it that often, but I really like drawing little girls too. ...
Just some fun stuff. All done in sumo.
You know?
Those things...
Ahhhh this was the most fun ever. Sketched on paper then sumo + laptop trackpad.
The district sleeps alone tonight Made in Sumo... just messing around.
Adventure Meme by cazzyx3
Weeeelll I was tagged so here you all go. This took a lot longer than I had intended... I kinda regret coloring it all....
ms paint doodle
Just a random doodle done in ms paint.
What never ended
A colored sketch. Just sketched it on paper, roughly shaded and overlayed the colors on sumo.
My third portrait in just about a week, that's a first for me! xP This is Maya from LM.C, painted using a scree...
Everybody's starry-eyed
My characters Beau and Jared :D All done in sumo (:
"Silly me, the party in my head just got a little too big!"
The walls
Ahhhhha dunno. Just a combination of some messing around in sumo with an old poster I made for my wall about a month ago...
Sore eyes
Alright, so I spend the entire time trying to fix my perspective, and only in the end do I realize I have a pool just se...
Merry Christmas!
So we finally got our Christmas tree and his name is Stevie Cornetto Johnson, and this is what he looks like.
My red thread
Nabari fan art, because I love it. Character belongs to Yuhki Kamatani.
Tell me am I right to think that....
Sketches again. I lost the first verison of this... and I liked that one better.... well darn, this is Poe, 'cause ...
I didn't know.
I feel special
I was in the mood for chibis. :D This time I made Beau's outfit more like his original one... even though the fi...
Kanon from An cafe (and kanon x kanon!), it's about time I drew him. :p All drawn in Sumo Paint, reference used....
This place is so messed up
... but this bubble's kinda cute. Remix of Hallbe's Kinda contest picture. I draw this kid with the stars ...
Come out please
Yeah I don't get you either. Two days worth of doodling on photohop.
Fay sketch
Colored it in Sumo.
Speed draw in sumo, an OC of mine, too late to finish this description....
A kind of different
Blerghhh... this isn't really finished, but I'm tired of fudging around with it for now. Made in Sumo.
This is the best I can produce at the moment... Sketch colored with mouse on sumo. The lines are so blurry because I...
Cardboard and dreams
For heaven's sake, Sumo decided to crash on so often that I felt the need to save every two minutes near the end of...
I told myself I wouldn't get sucked into this... But I did anyways. I mean I don't even usually favor female c...
I almost forgot his make-up and skirt! But no, now he is complete. Just without any attempt at a background. They wi...
I wanted to finish something quickly before bed. She's a bit of a less realistic version of the last girl.
These are some concept drawings for a story I came up with the other day. It's a cross between one of my favorite g...
The folds in your hands
Because I just like drawing boys in heavy make-up from angles that don't really follow logic. Done in sumo with ...
sugar-dusted muffins
These two again. This time a much smaller speed painting.
Why have I been blending so much lately, I usually hate blending....Anyways I made this all in sumo.
To the basement
My little dandelion, Fay. It's been a while since I posted a picture of her, hmmm? Drawn all in sumo. heh heh ...
I'm getting a lot less nitpicky about what I post here, hmmm? Well I found that ridiculously silly looking thing w...
Maya from LM.C Well this is the first time I've ever tried something like this... I used a screen shot for a refe...
melt in your black
Pretty much just more ink stuff. I am not accustomed to drawing people in this angle quite yet.
I can hold my breath forever
Drawn after playing a game. My brother loves to misinterpret my pictures on purpose... So we came up with the theory tha...
dreaming up
Wasn't quite sure how this was going to turn out, but I'm actually not too disappointed with it.
Just goofing off cardboard/colored pencil/sharpie
A kind of test comic page... It was very fun... I really hope I can keep drawing stuff like this up, I love comics and I...
Mashiro from Paradeis, drawn with charcoal pencils and colored in photoshop. A reference was used. Drawn as a break ...
bubble bath
Colored pencils and photoshop. Just something I drew late Sunday night.
Light syrup
I swear to you I was not thinking about skittles when I drew this.
Coffee icecream
Well, this started out as Kyarylenlen, but then the Catherine figurines, the coffee icecream... I must have become subco...
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