I'm in my computer class right now at school! ;)
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Residence:My House!
Quote:"You control your own destiny!!!"
Signed:02.04.2010 18:05
Logged:05.05.2011 15:42
Interests:Flute, Reading, and lots of Vintage!!!!
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No description
Flowers in a Vortex
I was bored.
Mr. Sumo Army
Another version of our Mr. Sumo!!!
No description
Power of the Stars
No description
Flower Power
No description
Spring Flowers
No description
Abe Lincoln
No description
Star Explosion
No description
Rainbow Fountain
No description
Vortex in Winter
No description
No description
No description
Milk and Cookies Relationship!
Yes, I got the idea from the shirts that i see people wear with little 'food' phrases!
Scribbles and Lines
I was bored. Hope you like it!
Paint Splashes
No description
Paint Splatters II
Sorry i keep on doing pieces like this, i just really like the symmetry tool+ gravity
Nike Symbol
I don't know why i drew this, but, i drew it!
Modern Living
No description
I just really like the symmetry tool!
Goth Rose
No description
Ocean Sunset
No description
Blurred Sunset
No description
Road to.........
Taken at the bay in Odessa. Ukraine. (I went there this summer)
Flower in the Clouds
No description
No description
It's raining where I live right now, so, I just thought of water and bubbles!!! :D
Colored Camo
No description
The Rising Sun
No description
No description
Colorful Snowflake
Playing around with sumo paint!!
I don't really know what to call it.
Tie-Dye Flower
Done in Sumo Paint
Christmas Time
I don't know why I just drew this, but my drawing just ended up like this! :D
Stamp Pixelation
No description
Indian Flower
No description
No description
A really bad imitation of the t-shirt i'm seeing everywhere!!!!
No description
Sign Here
Just make a remix version and put your name on the line. (By the way, that blue line by the paper is supposed to be a p...
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!
Halloween is on the 31st , and i'm so excited!!!!
No description
Old Newspapers
No description
Happy Holidays!!!
Whether you celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, or any other holiday, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!
Kaleidoscope Vortex
Did this at school.......(in my computer class)
Rainbow Swirls?
No description
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