"All I've been doing is watching you two from behind... now, get a good look at my back!" - Sakura Haruno
Age:14 years
Quote:"That is not dead Which can eternal lie, And with strange eons Even Death may Die. - Princess Lilian,The Monster Princess"
Signed:02.04.2010 09:42
Logged:26.06.2010 17:29
Interests:Anime, Blue Dragon, Soul Eater, ToraDora, Princess Resurrection, Naruto
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I can't decide if it's cute or ugly >.<
Can't really decide if it's cute or ugly...Can't even decide if the eyes are tooo big >.< Hate it e...
Can't fit in? STAND OUT!
if you can see that orange flower is different from other flowers,and he can not fit in so he just stand out! That'...
Lady in Pink
The name said it! :D
Our Class XD
This photo is taken @ our class room when it is our Christmas Party.
Lil' Miss Panda Bear
No description
Once a Mermaid Tale
No description
Hiroko inspired drawing
Please remix.... It's very ugly :((
I am....MIZUKI!!!
what can you say about the way i look?
it suppose to be taiga aisaka from toradora but we have to go buy some paper for my dad...... so i'll finish it lat...
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