Name:Jenna Rhea
Age:26 years
Quote:"Let's play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun."
Signed:21.04.2010 18:33
Logged:16.11.2010 04:21
Interests:Anime/Manga/Action Figures/Music/Sketching/Learning new things/Other languages and cultures/and..stuff
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random sketch
hetalia sketch.. thing. I had never drawn China OR England ..or in such a small space to boot ;~; so they're prett...
gilbo: new prussia
random factoid: there's a New Prussia in Ontario, Canada... *cough* More Hetalia? Why yes, yes it is. XDa
Liet!mochi and Poland!mochi =3 yay more Hetalia XDa eer... Squished Liet!mochi is squished =3 <3
Frisk me pls
haha... Prussia from Hetalia XDa he wasnt supposed to turn out lookin like a police officer =_=;;; sigh. oh well, after ...
MOE Russia
hrmmm coloured pic of a traditionally drawn pic i drew a few months ago. It&#039;s Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia a...
Russia notfin
MOE Russia before completed... =3
Alone in My Head
...well, it isnt Hetalia >.> *shifts nervously*
ummm... lolz? My brother and I were joking around and hurling &quot;fighting words&quot; at each other and some ...
Me slaughtering time =_=;; i dont even kno >_>;;
Just let my emotions draw without my mind getting in the way with silly things like details. I needed it today.
line sketch that ended up being my prussia..police officer... thing o.0? hah.
Had the urge to fanart Honey-chan holding Momiji because they remind me so much of each other o_0 I stopped before i eve...
Had the urge to fanart Honey-chan holding Momiji because they remind me so much of each other o_0 HEY i actually finishs...
ermmm... first time i EVER drew France and i probably wont ever try again =X anyways yeah itsa FAIL... i do like the fad...
Russia pastel3
all pastelly Russia from Hetalia =D MORE HETALIA FANART? COULD IT BE?
again a doodle i did for the lulz ... i do that a lot =|
Mschief sketch idek o_0 i imagine this as that bratty kid that you wanna smack but their mom thinks theyre an angel... so u can...
weee colourful boredness
...uh... idek XDa
No description
random flower
random flower i did while i was on the phone lol
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