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OMFG!! another wave of comments and faves. XD Thanks guys.
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Quote:"I reject your reality and substitute my own! "
Signed:28.10.2009 16:59
Logged:05.06.2012 04:45
Interests:Art, coloring, music, my dog, my BF, anime, Anime Cons, Cosplay, furries, Dragons
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En'Teishe The Sun God You can Read more about him on DA.
Em'ren The Peacock Dragon
Made for a Friend, all she gave me was 'periwinkle'. XD Google has no answer to what 'Periwin...
New moscot of my art shop, SilverFoxShine.
Rife Sachacho
This is MY oc, MINE!!!!!!!!!!1 This charecter is always changing as my skills improve but this is so far the basic form....
Ware a hat, LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!
Freebie art. (C) ME!
CatTaur - Chaddin
New OC, a Leo-Taurs!! His name is Chad. :3 (C) me.
Made for a friend on It's a pair of Mirwea's being silly.
This is a picture for Striker. It's for his and my use ONLY!!
Basket Case
Heres rascal in the bike basket, he's tired.
Earlier Rife
I was working hard on a human form and got this. I can't say i'm dipleased but i'm not happy ethier.
This too was made for Lex. it's his werewolf persona with some of his sad past in as part of the background.
Read The Rules Banner
This was for my art shop on gaia. I had trouble with people following the rules so I made this to remind them.
Can you load this in sumopaints? I can't.
WIP why is it not loadding in sumopaints? Can ANYONE load this in sumopaints? I'd really like to work on it, ...
Tried something new, movement and BG. Hmmm, I should shadow Natch somemore...
Oh yeah baby!!
No description
The Insanity Is LOVELY Today. 2
I can't seem to find the original... just the warped copys.
Kitty Grin
This is also for my art shop.
Aldi Bust
My OC bust! Al'Di'Natch is a feathery dragon. you wanna know more go here http://axtooxnothing.deviantart....
Finny-chan is so cute and grrreeeeeeennn. <3 (C) ME and phantom-seraphim of DA.
Goofing off with Effects
yeah. Had fun. (C) Aldinatch is Mine!
My fursona, Rife. WIP!
I HATE THE SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!god the little bastard too...
Outside at the Mill
No description
Looking Outside
No description
I'ma pirate!!
You woke me up!
No description
At The Park
Awww, he's haing so much fun!
Rascal at the park!
this my baby, Rascal!! He's a long haird chihuahua!!! I love him so much!!
Falling Lex
Made for my friend, Lexenos. I'm so proud of my work on the clouds and socks. :3
Made in my art shop for a costermer. The OC belongs to DarkLarcy and the art is mine.
Buy Our Art!
Was made for my joint art shop as a joke.
The Insanity Is LOVELY Today. 3
yes.... other one....
The Insanity is LOVELY Today.
This is one I messed with in PB. For my gaia art shop.
Me at A2F '09
Yeah, I had lots of suger and a good time.
Works been slow
so this is me and my sis working on some arts. The sleepy one wakes up to a nightmare. lol! clean it up or whatever, ju...
bg for anybody to use.
My Hand
lol. Do what ever, just credit me please.
No description
This is Atervit's Manti!
Do not use w/o permission!
and only 'Vita can use it.
Rife in RED!
My oc in different colors. (C) ME!
Rife in her original colors. (C) ME!
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