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Age:17 years
Quote:"Today I lost my mood ring, and I have no idea how I feel about that."
Signed:15.12.2008 06:42
Logged:30.04.2012 01:22
Interests:Swimming, doodling, singing, dancing, writing, laughing, breathing, and being lazy.
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No description
Spaced Out
I seriously didn't know what to name this so......yeah
Water Fall
I wish I could take credit for drawing this, but it was a photo. :(
Attempted clean up. Will work on more later.
Hope of Dawn
No description
Every day Angel(colored)
will someone comment if they like this?
Starry Princess
No description
Travel to the Sun
No description
Building Layout
Ok, not really...
There is no descip- oh wait yeah theres a bunch of crossing lines. Sorry, my programming had a malfunction there for a s...
Planet Earth from space
I didn't draw the earth, but I got a flat map of it and still put it all together- in other words, not just a pic o...
oh, the irony
ha, ha, yeah, not mine
No description
yea yea yea im bored and suppoed to be doing homework, blah blah blah... <:(
Finger painting
No description
Doodle #3
No description
Doodle #6
No description
Forbidden Photos
No description
Forbidden Photos
No description
Hue Eruption
I dunno which one looks better, so I saved both.
No description
No description
Anime Eyes
No description
Questioning the Rain
No description
Elfen Fairy
No description
No description
Happy Holidays!
No description
NOT DONE... I need help... anybody have any ideas for an outfit or hairstyle or something??
No description
No description
No Title Yet Dress Chick
I drew her on a piece of paper, scanned her in, colored her, and am now stuck. I'm not sure how to do shading corre...
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