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Little something I made being home from school... With my laptop, whithout my mouse! :D
Monster Under The Bed
Must be billions of these pics, but I did one anyway! :) Kinda nice, I think...
My first picture since I got an account on Sumo... :)
Fire :)
This was one of my first pics, it's a fireplace, if you didn't figure it out... ;) Anyway, I'm kinda happ...
Wierd Ball :)
I'm pretty happy with this pic! :) The only ugly is the ACCIDENTLY(!) smudge on the ball! :( When I tried to undo ...
Don't ask me about this, 'cause I have no idea... Just exploring the Sumo Features! :)
No description
Pipes :)
Some pipes i made with the Sumo Planet 2 Brush! :)
Profile Picture
This is my Profile Picture... The red slimy thing at the bottom is ment to be blood, if you didn't figure it out......
Blue Man/Alien
Errrh... A blue man or alien, don't know what....
My T-Shirt! :D
This is my T-Shirt! :D I wear this every day! :) Don't worry, the blood is not mine! :)
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