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Quote:"Ain't nothin gonna happen when you remember what you were gifted with"
Signed:01.02.2010 08:03
Logged:12.02.2010 06:54
Interests:Wolves! Wolves! Wolves!
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Escida and Gizmo
This is a wolf version of me and my friend, Gizmo.
Little Laying Puppy
No description
No description
Escida's World
A little pic I squeezed out on my free time.
I don't know. Just bored I guess. ^.^
I wanted to do this to make a cool foreground for my site.
Malania is a little character going to be sold on Just a few more twicks and she'll be done. This i...
Malania Outline
The add-ons to Malania;s character/ref on
Malania Bust
The final part of the Malania Furry-Paws character. Yay! lmost done. ow tiny pic time.
Escida Wolf
Gizmo Wolf
No description
No description
No description
No description
No description
No description
Gizmo Reference Sheet
No description
Gizmo Finish
No description
I do a lot of Apache art, not just on SumoPaint, but on other sites, too. Here's where she got her start. My ref on...
Apache's Forest
No description
painted ocean
No description
Apache and her Pups
No description
Dizzy Dog
No description
Dizzy Dog September
No description
Dizzy Dog Skyrah
No description
Pracing Horse
No description
Laying Puppy
No description
I gotta bow
No description
Curious, Huh?
No description
Funny Pup
No description
Imma Barrel Horse
No description
Gotta Run
No description
No description
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