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My OC, Kalisha. She's one of my favorites. I draw all my drawings during class! I can get easily bored during class...
This is one of my OC's, Bweha.
My OC Uzuri! She has beautiful golden eyes and her coat is snow white, she's one of my favorites!
I got bored and started to make this one... I think it turned out quite well! Keep Biting!!!
Kalisha 2
A rough sketch of my OC Kalisha.
Cute !
I love to edit photos! I was bored and I maked this one! LOVE!
No description
suddently i was the danger.jpg
This drawing is based on how Bella reacts when she woke up for the first time as a vampire! I love this scene!
not done yet
project for school
this is suppost to be stalin....
almost done!
No description
No description
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