Sgt. traveler
Signed:22.03.2010 15:09
Logged:28.03.2010 08:09
Interests:This website, Youtube and a forum
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Green Guy
Just another imaginative drawing =P
Nah, I was just messing around with the SUMOPaint since I was new here.
Nah, nothing much. Experiment with the layer properties and the adjustments tool.
This was supposed to be uploaded directly from Sumo Paint's Flash, but I doubt that the app will be broken again, s...
Vortex Alpha
Another version of Vortex. What next, Vortexˠ?
o not for the enlightened
Tried to get advanced. NO REMIX.
Sun and Earth
I suck at shading T_T
Eye Strainers 1
I think I'll go get series of pictures of this. DON'T LOOK AT IT FOR TOO LONG OR IT MAY HURT YOUR EYES.
No comment. And what's with the flower there?
effect ;) v.2
What do you think? I don't think the other gradients are going to be nice, so I have to stick with that purple-oran...
Profile Picture
Just for the new Profile Picture =)
Vortex Klawd
Another Vortex series and just another quick drawing.
Center Power
I have no idea...
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