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one of my first really awesome Sumo Paint creations!!!
Panda says Hi!
I've created this little character, can anyone help me think up a name for thit little fella?!
a variation on Keira Knightly
A little Characature I did of myself!!!
Incredibly chuffed with this!!
No description
made this before i had an account so the layers dont show up but i still love it!!!
I used this as the background for a birthday card
my first version of a drawing of a fish I did.
In Troubled Waters
my second version of a drawing of a fish I did.
And the Panda went..
Inspired by a song from a video called Sing-a-Long with Spider and Friends....I am such a child...
Hello Kick-Ass!
I intend to do the rest of the characters in this way (Hit-Girl, Big Daddy etc) I think it looks soooooo cute!!!
Hello Hit-Girl!
The cutest Hit-Girl gets!
The Kiss made this....
the mask
this looks good i fyou have red/cyan 3D glasses!
Piggy Pilgrim
Because I'm a huge nerd...
No description
Panda says Hi!re
redoing of panda
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