Going to be getting my first tablet this weekend, so I'll probably be on sumopaint more :)
Name:D.J. Milky
Residence:Candy Land!
Age:17 years
Quote:"Don't cry because it ended, smile because it happend"
Signed:11.08.2009 20:32
Logged:19.05.2012 00:28
Interests:Playing piano, listening to music, drawing anime and manga, goth, books, I'm a GIRL and I'm JAPANESE, okay?!
Images:18 (public images)
Favorites:29 (for user's images)

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My new version! (My first one was incomplete ^_^)
Another Neko (Cat)
This is for Czarscizars, as she requested for me to make one :D
Requested from Czarscizor
My Oc Character
No Stealing!
Crackers - The Wagon Thing
Here is Crackers on his Not-So-Excellent-Adventure :3
Neko (Cat)
No description
This is me.
Trying... testing...
insipried by a YouTuber xCurlykit. I decided to make my own character :D
Rock Star Eye
I started out as an anime eye until I thought it would be really cool if I used the paint brush tool, and found out it ...
Evil Eye?
I tried the Linear Blur and it worked out very well ^_^
Puppy in the Rain
Requested from Littleblackbelt
Japan Rules!
No description
Rainbow Cat
I edit it and this is my first picture ever using layers. I hope you like it, but please give me tips and feed back!
Hello Kitty - tokidoki unfinished
I used a "tokidoki" design to guide me with this picture. "tokidoki" meaning "sometimes" i...
Project for Schoolio
The flag for my country (project for school)
I dunno yet
No description
Cat on Water
Boredom briths this.
Twilight Sparkle - MLP
Okay, so I just got my first tablet! And I'm not used to it, so this piece of crap came out.... but I worked really...
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