i added a Oogie Boogie pic and something about pie so YAY ! idk who will read this so whatever
Quote:"try ,try and then try again"
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crash bandiccot
i love crash bandicoot so i drew this :D
It's the Oogie Boogie man !!!
what the name said xD
crunch bandiccot
crash :: done crunch: done coco:
bioshock2 : big sister
bigsister is the hand of rapture so youre screwed BITCHES XD
crash ppl
whos youre fav ?
dark heart
No description
i did not draw this i just thought it was funny and u might get a giggle out off it i know i did XD
pac man
i classic game with a evil twist muahahha XD hope u like
coco bandicoot
all done now for a group pic with coco crash and crunch
20th image
woohoo 20 images XD
jing jang evil
this is a evil version off the drawing jing jang good version comeing soon
i have no idear why i drew this but i did so here it is
i just think its funny
did not darw i just like it
i really dont know
rolf XD
its just funny stuff with a piggy :P
rag doll suit
do i look cute in this hat ? lol
easter island heads
spray paint and me left alone not the best idear ever XD
sora -_\
jing jang
No description
jing jang good
it kinda explains its self in the name
hung bot
No description
devil may cry 4 nero
i need to get the red thing on thre right and left on his shoulder i dont know how to do that ay help
goth crash
what else could i say ?
ooow my brainz fried XD
O_O lets stare at it
evil eye
its quick its random and it goes with my shoes XD
i dropped my hat again XD
No description
street nights
all finish it later
sora kingdom hearts 2
i cant belive i have to do this all over again
i was bored and stuff so yay its pie there for u must love it
lady gaga paparazzia
still working in it but cant be bovered to do ti all now
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