Wehavetime Anyway.Here. New chapter, read Chapter 1, Chapter 2 is pretty short...
Name:Alahna R.
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Age:14 years
Quote:"Let's be friends on mutual hate." -Wallace Wells"
Signed:21.03.2010 20:35
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Interests:Look at my pics and you'll know most of them, maga, comics, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Wallce Wells, sleeping, talking, dying, BACON
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Kira in Blue hoodie.
I was bored!!
Sam: MY JAXON! Me: aw! But Saaaaaam!!
Me&sam: *walking through the feild* Jaxon: Hi boo! Hi Kaley!! Sam: JAXON!! ^^ *tackles* me: Hey! Sam: MY JAXON! *gro...
Kira: ?
Krose: *walks in* kira i was wondering- *O* Kira: *pose and doing work* yes krose? Krose: *O* Kira: *blinks and tilts...
Seeing Is Believing
A simple task of loving everything around you. I did this on Sumo Paint with just a couple clicks! This is my first and ...
Just Too Damn Cute XD
So, I was doing this weird RP thing with Sonic, and... I did this > "UHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
FAILURE That's right! The first words are "Failure". =.= And, yes, that's right, Kaley sits like...
No description
Me: *walks into the kitchen* !! Prim: Ah! *holding hot chocolate
New OC and she's a fallen angel. She likes purple and hotchocolate. ^^
; A ;
XD Merry Christmas TMA!
Alice: ^^ I have ears like you, now, Howl!!! o3o I've gone into an Alice spaz, and Howl looked like he would be ...
Chocolate The Canable 1
Chocolate: "Vanilla, want to get some Ice cream?"
Me: *smiling and blushing* hehe... Ed: ...erm...
XD this is just sad. Base: ** Ed...
o0o It's Satsu! *gassp*
>u> This is all my fault! No requesting from friends at school (; A ;) or anything.... my sister was the one to te...
A forgotton call
Never leave anyone behind in an unsafe time. You never know.
Kira: It's blank. that means the end.
Kira: *staring at the padge with her prophesy* It's... it's blank after it say for me to get Kaley safe... She...
Me: This doesn't make sense! DX
Baking a cake isnt as easy as you think. No, really. I was helping bake a cake for one of my friends celebrations. She h...
My Main Characters ^^
Kira: ^^ Me: o.o Prim: =.=||| Here we have my favorite and main charcaters =3 Kira, the loyal one with a big heart...
Three girls. One story.
I don't like the way Flight turned out. Not her hair, at least. 0.0 Kaley (front) Si (middle) and Flight. (back) So...
My OTHER new OC Kira
Kaley: What the- Kira: Hey! Kaley: *shakes head* I'm dreaming, I'm still in that coffin... Kira: Oh shut up...
Wip So, the lines in the legs are just because I made Kira and kaley bigger :P and didn't have...
A Perfect Moment
yay! bored kira pic! Link - right now ...
3-year-old Sammy Rowe buys a doll. On the box it says "DO NOT PAINT NAILS BEFORE BED!" But poor Sammy could n...
Yay evee! I got the bases off of devian art. Going through a phase...LOL. Anyway, hope ya like it! And, I don't wan...
When Kaley Gets home
......I only have two siblings! I'm the middle sibling. I feel bad for her....0.0
James!! YAYZ!
Yesh. he has no tail. He's <i>not</i> a werewolf, but he is half wolf. BASE~ http://browse.deviantart.c...
**ARE YOU HERE?** How can you just stand there tall? How can you think we’re just friends? I dunno what love is i ...
Jude (colored)
THIS TOOK FOREVER and I'm really proud!
Another Doodle
i doodled this at Homeee yesh, rainbow hair AGAIN ZANE XD It fails! DX IF YOU FAVE THIS I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL ...
Another WIP
I am not liking how this is turning out o.o
No description
Kaley: X3 My guitar now!
Originally it was supposed to be Kaley playing in front of a crowd, with Kira singing and Prim playing the drums =P But ...
NEW OC o3o No, she has nothing to do with my book.... I just wanted to make her~~ X3 Name: Ankou (a fairy reaper o3o)...
"I'm leaving them all behind...."
Sitting in the far back.... Oh, Kaley, so predictable =P ANYWAY. Me: *walks in the house at around 1:00 AM* =_= Worst...
yeah.... hold on =P I just wonder if I&amp;#039;m gonna lose the description for the other one OTL
Satsu: Meet Mr. Spider >3
I'm actually kind of proud of myself =3 YES SHE'S COVERED >-> I was asked that, like, 50 times since ...
Eternal - a part of Chapter 1, Loss
STrives** Wow. I fail. ANYWAY o3o This is a part of my Chapter 1 - Loss, i want critcism poeople! =P Please and thank yo...
Starbucks Coffee
My friend Abbi was helping me think of something to draw last night, and said she wanted a pic of Gerard Way and her tog...
Name: Alice Grey (though she rarely introduces herself with her last name) Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5' 7&q...
Rawr o3o
You have 5 guesses as to who this is XD oh, and base >
Friendship: For Cherubina's contest
Can someone tell me how I can post this on their profile?!?!?!
No description
Me and Alex (again)
I remixed this from Animechick37. Yay?
Dying in Darkness
This turned out great! This is a remix. Original by Animechick37.
Really hot Alex (LOL)
What are you going to do? Kiss him?
Come here, Alex....let&#039;s play.
Peace! =D
This is Kiyomi, Sireine's OC. This was an "Art Trade". (I draw you a pic that you want, you draw me a pic...
Chat 1
I was bored. XD
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