Quote:"feed a man a fish u feed him for a day ,teach a man 2 fish u feed him 4 a life time ,whack the man over the head with a fish and you sove the problem altogether!"
Signed:08.10.2009 16:44
Logged:30.03.2010 15:17
Interests:DESIGN , ART and animals -i know heaps bout em' =)
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1st time draw at this webside XD
dinner love
like lady and the tramp
caught red handed!
haha sorry robber no jewels this time!
twister attack!!!
he better run fast
dog with the ?
lil dog wants to know
smiley in love
this smiley loves someone!
starry background
red stars all around
stained glass
No description
No description
test sheet
this isnt real
do not look at 4 2 long
it will hurt your eyes
dancin smiley
tappity tappity tap tap tap!
vase with flower
this lil flowers lonesome
fantage entrie do you think itll win?
my little happy monsters i draw! =)
wolf at fancy dress party?
bit funny and i did awsome wolf costume!
it look kinda kool?
Cute Kitty
i just colored it in
the big (colouful) bang.
explode my pretty, explode!
this is a cute fox i drew - i drew it with the computer mouse.
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