Quote:"damn - life´s art is the best one.."
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No description
Just for my mum, she really love dogs!! <3 she is on sumo ;)
It´s made with my pencils it´s a new picture a week or two ago.. was funny... love this dog, we had one his ...
the colour of me
No description
With pencils
it takes me only about two hours, but it was very interresting, because of the lines and musters ;) can do such a pict...
No description
The naked and famous
No description
ben kowalewicz
in partnership with TELLMELIES Its made with pencils... We draw it together ;) it was funny XD
Angelina Jolie
just pensils..
a wolf in the grass
with pencils. is for my sister... i draw a second version just for her Tellmelies: I wish you the best, sister
Still falling
it´s water time / : kolgen
Julie my angel... <3
its on my famous floor ;;)) love this floor. since i am younger
I did it with colours and this time it takes me about half an hour.. That was interresting, because normally I don´...
No name_
created with pencil
terrible cat S:
know, that this is a ugly drawing, but their was i time i loved it... and now... S:! ;)
No description
Angelina Jolie
No description
Pot is missing
No description
Nacked woman
No description
Valeria in London
it´s made with sumo - but it is remixed with a foto - everything is created by me
No description
Oliver Sykes with amanda hendricks
Lol, oly is so grown up ;))
sexy lady
it is normally not my style, but i draw this because, i want to draw a lady with my black pen.. yes its made with ink......
No description
Statue of Liberty
Love it, want to be in america
Penelopè Cruz
my favourite star
sunken veronica
No description
Fine art
No description
No description
ancient art
No description
drawn for a important person
Penelope Cruz
No description
No description
Penelope´ Cruz
with sumo
Take a first look
would you please : vote, comment, what could be better ! and if you want remix :D it´s your turn.. :D
Fear of the dark
No description
saw lll
No description
"enjoy your life!"
Marilyn Monroe
stars, styles, fashon with pencils draw it in the projekt - week ;)
Angelina again ;)
with pencils
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