Hey guys, sorry I've not been online in a while. Been busy doing stuff. I'm going to make a few new pictures soon :)
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First Art
Hello, I am new to SumoPaint, and this is my first piece of artwork.
Okay, this is the 3rd and last version of these pics. Don't forget to comment on my profile to tell me which one yo...
Hey guys, this artwork speaks to me. It tells a story, of how the times of good have come, signified at the middle, and ...
3 versions
Hey, this is another picture with symettry. I am going to be making 3 versions of this: Cold, which is this one, Normal,...
This is my version...
My version...
Just a little test :)
Hey, this is just a test that I'm doing. :)
Testing out bumpy
Hey, just a tester for the Bumping option in the Perspective Tiling section.
This is the second version. Remember, comment on my profile if you like this one the best!
Up or Down?
What do you see first? Do you see a huge whirlpool of colours, sucking you down? Or do you see it coming up to get you, ...
Spikier Version
Hey, this is the spiky version of Up or Down? Do you see colours, reaching up to get you? Or maybe you imagine you'...
The Human Mind
Ahhh, the Human Mind. A clever piece of technology which renders everything else obselete. It's vast complexity is ...
Hey, this is a competition! To enter, post the URL address name in the Comments section. The deadline is the 30th of May...
Hey guys, sorry you haven't heard of me for a while, been busy doing stuff. Anyways, this is just a test,
Playing around with effects =)
This is just something that you can try for yourself. Basically, Click edit, which is to the side here <<<<&...
How to turn Random Colours on.jpg
How to turn Random Colours on in Symmetry mode.
Testing the new Rotate!
The new Rotate feature is awesome!
A flower?
Testing grounds
Hey, this isn't a proper picture, this is just the testing grounds. It's used for destroying and creating stuf...
The heart of a missile.
You are now looking inside the heart of an Ion-Powered Missile. The Light spot at the end is filled with pure Plasma, ca...
Orange Beauty
The beauty of Orange.
Autumn Cold
As the Autumn does calm down, a veil of Cold is descending, sending The People into shock, unaware of who had done this.
Another Testing Ground
Hey guys, this is what you can use to test some effects on SumoPaint :)
Spotlight on the Design!
A spotlight on the Design I'm working on. This is my favourite part. The project could take a month or more, but th...
A picture being burnt in LAVA
Oh gods, no! My picture is being burnt in a pit of LAVA! Nooooooooooooo! :D
River in Hell
A river of Blood, found in the depths of the gloriously gory land of death, known as HELL.
This isn't a normal painting in the sense that it is not JUST meant to be looked at. If you remix this, go to Cylin...
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