Kiiata shikina
Tarja Turunen has such a beautiful voice...i was just listening to Oasis and i love singing it :D
Name:Jeshika Fosutaa!!!
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Age:17 years
Quote:"bring it on b****!!!!!!!!!"
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Interests:drawing, sports, more drawing, and editing
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Hikaru Utada.jpg
im going to sing one of her songs at our public library....the song is called's awesome!!!!!!!
this is one of my OLD OLD can see the date i scanned it at the bottom rigth corner .... lol XD!!!!!!
Kadiri in a meme!!
This is a meme by susiron and i just remixed it.....well all i have to say is this is my main naruto oc Kadiri Koisokuni...
Fatal lullaby...
well i used to call it dragon's music box but then i remembered what i wanted to name it :)
kakari kohimi
i just now created her.....ill do a full version later though.....but her name is Kakari Kohimi.....i cant believe my mo...
You belong to me
My entry for geddu's dance competition!!!!! here's 2 different music things...i couldn't decidee which on...
Sode no Shirayuki(inspired by Sweetlily14!)
she drew a pic of sode no shirayuki and i love her...cuz shes like soooo awesome!so i drew her too!!!!!!!! btw....she�...
the paper im holding is one of my drawings(edited) bleaach rpc/oc Mizuiki Jeagerjaques!!!!!!!!
I can't see your star anymore...
this was kinda inspired by the songs Your Star and All that I'm living for both by Evanescence.... and also i got b...
Sheik Lament... just made her up out of descripti
this was made from a screenshot of tifa from the final fantasy movie advent children.... i got bored and just re-did the...
Chiruchi Oda
this is my oc fro FF:advent children.....i got bored again so i just did this.....yayz!!!
me in my cruise dress
i took a picture of me in my cruise dress before i wear it on a cruise in Washington D.C almost the whole 8th grade is g...
this is for Whitegamma's contest on!!!! this is to the song broken by seether with amy lee from evan...
Sylmaria dying...
dont worry she will live.... but this is to one of my favorite songs called quote by evans blue :D
Oerba Dia Vanille!!!
i was inspired to draw this by Geddu!!!!! although i did it in all colored pencil:D i just realized that her left(your r...
butterfly entry for sweetlily14's contest (done)
this is my haiku to go with it..... Die Die Butterfly The darkness is here, The butterflies are dying, All hope ...
tearing me apart....
idk...i was's not me it's just a random girl...... but this is my first fully made in sumopai...
Kina Asami
im done with it now....sort of....anyways this is my VK oc Kina asami and i finally colored her.....i did leave quite a ...
this is for a contest on if you look at her right....shes in the shape of a peace sign! lol XD
i finally got it done....... coloring done on here..... and the lightning effects on GIMP!!! :D
wintery valentines(CMG's contest)
this is for coolmangagirl's valentines contest.... i decided to do it all wintery and snowy cuz it's snowing r...
u tell me...
just an eye......i got bored again.....
Im sorry...
this is also one of my older ones..... reads from right to left but there is also another story behind this... but again...
got bored......
a thief in the ranks
this is a pic i just scribbled :) (I AM THE RED AND SHE IS THE GREEN) this is mainly to the song a thief in the rank...
by crossfade :D one of my favorite songs and pictures i drawn :D
stop and say you love me
by evans blue again :D these 2 are my main naruto ocs kadiri and ikue... i just felt like drawing them together... :)
this is to despair by miku hatsune :D idk who the person is though :) oh and its not done either...
Happy Halloween (entry)
blue eye
just a pretty blue eye(bored)
Kina Asami Lineart
my lineart for my VK oc Kina Asami....ill color it later
My own prison-creed
this is one of my ocs....sheru shiba........but i was listening to my own prison by creed when i was drawing this so yea...
Rini Shiba
this is one of my ocs for naruto and there is a clan i made up of shiba and akinori called the shi-nori clan and the cla...
thanks for 1000 pageviews! :)
this is just a thank you to all the people who....viewed my page!!!!!......i was bored ok?
Happy Valentine's Day! :)lol
this is kinda late but i hate valentine's day....... but i was listening to Ain't Love Grand by Atreyu!!!! i l...
this is one of my bleach oc's zanpaktos... otsune... just read it...
Fade away
this was inspired by the fade away by breaking benjamin!!! XD
Bleeding Mascara
this is just one of my drawings i did when i was listening to bleeding mascara by atreyu!!! XD
this is a little bit of an older drawing...... there's a story behind it all that i dont feel like telling right no...
this is for a DeviantART contest WhiteGamma is holding. I'ts a singing contest and i chose to draw Ikue and Kadiri ...
watching :D
this was also taken by my friend :) i was staring at a leaf the whole time :) lol
hikari to kage :)
this is one of my favorites :D
Hello there :)
the wind was blowing my hair when she took this :D lol ma har's on fiya!!!! :D
just me 2
yea my friend took this one day when we were taking pictures :) again
just me...:)
yea my friend took this one day when we were taking pictures :)
Show me....
this is a pic i took and i like it :D it was a creek near by my house that had dried up and i went exploring in it :D
Lilium :D
yeah well its sylmaria again :D
Psycho Butterfly :)
by Kaya!!!!! i absolutely love Kaya man!!!!! he is freakin beastly!!!! * fan girl squeal*
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