Your face resembles my ass. :B
Name:Samantha, Sarge, S-D0g,
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:New York
Age:15 years
Quote:""Hey! It's like a postcard: Dear Sarge, Kicking ass in outer space. Wish you were here!" "I heard that! Jackass!""
Signed:15.03.2010 19:18
Logged:02.06.2012 01:38
Interests:Books, drawing, video games, aliens, monsters, Hunger Games, GHOST RIDER!!!
Images:39 (public images)
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Yea. It's come to this.
Soul that Sings~
"You've got, a heart with wings. You've got, a soul that sings." Listening to some song. Made on isc...
Meta Ridley WIP
/Meta/ Ridley appears in the Metroid Prime trilogy, but is fought as well in about every Metroid game.
Ricket and Spades
Ricket (left) (c) Aw3s0mn3ss Spades (right) (c) Me. Picture (c) Me LOOK AT THOSE BUDDIES!
also for a contest. Do you guys remember him? C: "And his eyes glowed blue~"
Yes, he and Spades are both the same species (A bryyon) Here's a little story to go with this pic, since I'm c...
That's right
She's back. Remember Paradox? I'm going to try and draw her more c: Gave her some edits. Basically,...
My old dog. I really miss him.
Tekno And Paradox: Too Cool for You
Paradox (c) Me Tekno (c) Aw3s0mn3ss Drawing (c) Me FURSONAS ATTACK! (Finally drew my Fursona :) )
New character <3
Request by Bexcat303 Hope you like it. Tried to do something with a heart, failed epicly. LIKE A BOSS.
C: Steve vs Reptilicus! RHOEGHEROGIEHR :3D Right (c) Me Left (c) iSkunk c:<
Back to Hell
THere's Dust, sending a soul that escaped from hell, back to it's horrible fate, or eating him. OM NOM NOM
My dog.
His name is Bruno.
Exo New Char!
Adopted from BexCat
Agent Carolina
Red vs Blue Season 9 <3
My Man~
Yeah, Spadesy <3
Le gold Dragon
Dragon. Aint he pretty?
Yeah, new character (again) He's a combination of Sarge and Rex c: Pretty bad ass right? He's probably fightin...
If a polka-dot Giraffe and A Werewolf had a baby,....
It would look something like this. Collab with a bud. Made on iscribble I think, i really could have done better on m...
The Elite gets an Upgrade
Yep, The Elite is now Shiran Vasiskee, a Field Master for the Covenant. OOHOHOOOOHOOHOOOO. Fail
ODST: Into the Nothing
woooot. Drawn on iScribble. ewe
From Metorid the Other M. BEST GAME EVER! way more fun than Halo!
Vito (youngerrr)
And old picture of Vito the breeders sent to us. :D
Sarge and Bullet
Sarge (left) (C and drawn by) Me Bullet (right) (C and drawn by) Aw3s0mn3ss :) Made on iscribble. lots of fun making ...
Old Pic of Bruno
and old picture of Bruno I found on my copmuter.. ;n; I miss him so much.
The Face Behind it All
It s a Mad World...&quot;~James &quot;Sarge&quot; Bradley. So, we got quite a few things revealed here. 1...
Guided by Fate
ITS DA BOYS. youll be seeing a lot more of Douglas and Spades lately.
Death of Spades-If Everyone Cared
Yep, death of Spades. it started out with a lot of color and stuff in iscribble, but i just had so much fun editing this...
made by this here me. c;
Dying in the Dark
Yes, I am going to rewrite MadWorld. Here is Sarge. He's dead, if you didn't notice. It took a hell of a lot o...
Spades Meme
Poor Spades. Looks like Ricket had some fun though, but not in the end. ;( NOW BULLET, I COMMAND YOU TO DO THIS MEME. ht...
A little sweetie isn't he?
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