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Slimy Find
ectoplasm can be fun :)
Power of Atom :o
No description
darla red reprocess
ive drawn this on a ds.
No layers/Much Smudgeing :)
i just tryed to express the headline :(
reprocessed on Sumo :D
No description
Sendy Edition 1 Ready?
No description
Sendy rocker?
No description
No description
No description
TV halluzination
Tv halluzination is getting you!
No description
Close Contact
Drawn with mouse while bored :/ free to remix lol
Clarissa v1
Finally done // First Project on Sumo ive put in some effort :)
rED ImpRessIon
No description
Kawai pinguin ;O
wuuhhh just one layer and just the standart brush used :o KAWAAAAIIIII
what the hell
No description
mileycyrus3 remix
No description
värisorto remix
without permission :o
Way of Flames
The left wall tricks your eyes! try it ;)
Artist to the bone ;)
Drawn with a Ballpen on my arm ;)
idk whats wrong with me :/
Violett Crimson
Violett face.
Band of Infinity
Ive put in some thought here. Interpret it ;)
Naruto Sketch :O
Just a sketch lol :D
Happy Dance
Colorful dancings always fun :)
Evil Face windy
Im creeping myself out with this one :O
eye first attempt
trying to draw a new type of eye :(
Itse Me KoOCCy :D
Really thats me. Acting tough. ARRRrrr. XD
Blue Cut Scream
Smudging all the way!
vamp line beginning
Thats my twitteracount ava :)
Omg its the octopussy :O
Schoolgirl sketch01
Never finished this one :/
Kawai Kirby
i like Kirby ;D
uncolored awaiting coloration :O
dark watcher
messing around :D
Green hair and Violett eyes :<
Anime Gurl :O
I dont know any fancy women names anymore lol.
Preversion of Band of infinity
Thats was the picture were i got the idea.
DSC02358 remix >:<
>:< wahhhhh
Camouflage test
Just a Camouflage test lol
Eyehurter v1 ;O
Your Eyes should hurt from this :X
Black Pearl
Not much to say just messing around with the new sumo
sponge33 is my other username ;)
Jou Greeny
sketched on iphone reprocessed on sumo free to remix :)
Evil Eyecatch
Evil >:( nightmares included ;)
Feel free to remix amigos ;)
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