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Residence:the Seireitei ^u^
Quote:""FUOTTOBARU! >:0" (blame Eyeshild 21 ^^;;)"
Signed:30.05.2010 07:31
Logged:29.08.2011 06:23
Interests:DEATH THE KID!!! OMG !!!! and video games, smack jeeves and art. and anime. please follow me on deviantART for art by me you can't find anywhere else
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Hugz 4 Black star?
Hugz 4 me 4 makeing? no, i'd rather u fave. (and hug^u^)
human clockwork
this is just one of my OC's from a comic i draw called "Tic Tokc chrono" this is the time witch called C...
im finaly finished! background and blood was pretty crap but its good enough! thanks 4 waiting! . . . . . . . . . . ....
the professah vs Professor???
yes, i finished. i had no clue what to do 4 the background so i left it. and it rocks. :D hope u like it
and art request for Phonixwright. i like to think that Beq is smiling on the inside ^u^ this is one of his OCs called...
this is my icon the angel wing. i've used this icon for years so here it is, all jazzed up
soul eater yaoi timez! ^u^
look at little death the kid~ sorry about crona kysen. u can't have him >u<
angels play
here is angel form angel beats playiong the piano. hope u like it. happy new year 2011 BTW ^u^
Death the Kidten
some thing 4 our Deviant group shonen Kittezh. linkage :D
neku and shiki by Aramie
a neku and shiki pic from my sister aramie . . . *sigh* 4 u . . . kysen
Sena - Eyeshild!
yay! first fan art of eyeshild :D and i must say, SENA IS THE BEST!!! :DDD
poptartcat, Karoi and Archy!
thank Karoi5 on DeviantART for the Awesome background. Archy as Micky mouse, Karoi as the chesire cat and Nyan cat as i...
Angel's best friend
. . . 2 lazy 2 comment
Maka and Soul
not that good but meh. ^u^ and before Kysen can say, FOOLZ!
jacobvs. flow?
i don't know, a random thing i felt like doing :P Flow: why, hello ladies, how are we lovelies? Jacob: flow...
colours the neko grrl
this took a few hours, but im finally done ^^
Byakuya from bleach as a kitty person ^u^
wanna piece of the frying pan?
for Phoenixwright's comp. oh! you haven't met my new OCs have you? person with the frying pan is Midory an...
name: Abubarka (ah-boo-bark-ka) age: ??? birth date: 28 November race: Guardian Hair: dark purple wings & eyes...
colours full view
this little kitty want's to be ur friend :3
biten by the inuboy
damn kysen! he bit me now imz becomeing inugirl!
mez and rikuhoo in a comic!
for rikuhoo, my friend. now with gum. . . .
. . . i felt like drawing it.
playing around with sumo. okay, i haven't played the game, but i've watch some one else play it and i love it....
this . . . idunnt even know . . .
poor beq XD
Beq: no one knows the pain and suffering i feel and know, damn you angel, winter and bladesinger, i will get my revenge...
cloud and kysen, don't diss the fro
i was listning 2 the kawaii cloud song and though of this pun.
A lizard man?
just fooling around. tablet gone so don't expect anything spectaular any time soon
hazardous 2 ur health
bottem left : Johno bottem right : tammy, middle : Matt, top right : Nanashi, top left: miss clause
Assassins have Christmas too ya know (but they steal gifts XD)
here's a pic of Altair 4 the lovers of assassins creed. merry Christmas!
Azoth 1
For Phoenixwright , even though this is prob. not what you had in store. This is Azoth. A lizard like being. by mixing h...
this is Azoth, hunting for dinna in the under dark. hope u like ;D
rage karoi
No description
Shal and Abu
i'll tell you about them later~
chapter 1 nekoyaki
here is the chapter page for tribz. i wonder if i should keep with the story . . .
i drew this in religious educaition (RE) with a crapy mouse insted of my tablet so it's pritty good! =3
big sister icon
big sisters rock so bad! love 'em! bioshock 4eva!
mr bubbles!
i felt like drawing a little sister, it was just gonna be a small thing, and it turned out like this. hope u like. Biosh...
this is the first cover 4 vampwolven! a now online comic! read my comic on smack jeeves at this link! : http://www.smack...
Death the kid
i drew thi at skool and it pwnz ^u^ well i thnk so anyway. now who doesn' like death the kid? *grabs out shotgun* &...
a pic of, and for araime. r u guys happy? i fixed it
Azoth 2
for Phoenixwright. this is the full veiw of Azoth enjoy
Jacob + flow
again, these are Phoenixwright's OCs. (BTW PR, picture = epic win???) these are his OCs from his epic tale call...
sadness (contest)
the winners! ^u^ first place: Phoenixwright second place: Winter12...
love levo
sorry it's so girly but i thought it fitting for this charcter. sorry if it's not what you wanted comet ^^;; ...
night of no moon
i don't know, just some random moon elf. i'm actually trying to play wizard 101 but as soon the game starts th...
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