I be Jammin...
Quote:""Quotes are overrated" "I'm just sayin" "I like pie" "
Signed:22.02.2010 23:09
Logged:02.06.2012 02:30
Interests:Singing, (Learning to Play) Bass, Well I enjoy Drawing (duh) Music (all music except country) I feel music inspires me to draw, and I like to write and direct Short-Films
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Sanguis Carmina
A new OC I guess...His name means "Blood Demon" in Latin (thank you google translator)
Los Angeles Is Burning!
Oh no! I posted a picture...the world must becoming to an end!!! Hahaha! Hi guys...just did this out of boredom (and van...
Drew this in artclass...
Tough Crowd
I guess they didn't like his performance...bummer. Background texture not mine...
The Bass is Ace ;)'s a pic of my bass, yeah I named it Roxie...don't judge :)
Here's a crappy little ink drawing I did. Did it to this song:
Oh yeah, this is definitely going on my bedroom
Yup...that's about it :p
Gore, Puke, and Beer
So I did some artwork for a favorite local band of mine, they're called UGLYBoNES. I asked what they wanted for the...
'Cause I'm a horror flick geek.
NEW SKETCH!!!!! ...not really...
It's been months since I posted ANYTHING!!!!!! So yeah...I did .____.
Demontail Redesign
So yeah...figured I draw more of this, since people seem to like this OC so much, lol Expect a ref sheet soon, but right...
Demontail-Remake Sketch
Slimmed him down, put an Anarchy symbol in there...blah blah blah...
Better ref sheet coming soon...
Forever Time
Just a little doodle off of a song I dig...
Just a little OC a came up with. It's Buck the Punk deer. Did it as artwork for a band. It's a t-shirt desi...
Devil's Whorehouse
Another music drawing I did to this song:
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