@___@ I wont go insane
Age:17 years
Quote:"If you dont succeed try try again"
Signed:18.04.2010 05:45
Logged:08.07.2010 23:59
Interests:Reading Writing Witchery Drawing
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Awkward Bunny
Another begginer drawing I just love my bunny tho
Rachels Chibi
My friend Rachel as A chibi Idk why but I thought it would be good to put green around her its random and describes her ...
Idk what happened i accidently clicked on symetry and ended up with the peals and just kepts going ^w^
IDk I will tend to draw pointless stuff
Blue Blue Baloon
I just thought of a cd my church made me when i was like five with a song about me and a blue baloon on it and I decided...
Me Chibi
Since I was bored I drew a chibi me! Anna! Ur next! hehehe
Annas Chibi
see anna you dont have it that bad XD
Idk Was Bored And It Was My First Time Back In A While
Kawaii Bunny
Of course I didnt eat the cookies :D
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