Chu chu chu!!!
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Quote:"Aw Kawaii!"
Signed:17.09.2009 12:58
Logged:19.04.2012 12:18
Interests:Drawing, Sketching, Graphic Designing, Pokemon, Digimon, Horses, Puppies, Video Games
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Sonic MP3
Sonic The Hedgehog with headphones! m/ >.< m/
Shadara Chao
Lara and Shadow as chaos >W< So cute <3
Lara The Fox - New Style
A more proffesional drawing of my FC Lara Aurant
Lolita Cuddling Stitches
Another FC made by me <3
SA Style Lara
Hello guys :D This is a SA Style drawing of my FC Lara Aurant <3<3 If you want to see more of my artworks at bu...
Team Guardian
Crystal, Ferit and Cadee in my team called "Team Guardians!" Crystal belongs to me
No description
That Fox
This is my FC Lara Aurant ^w^ I decided to change her look to make her look better >w<
Professor Layton
No description
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