Did i die? Nah,I'm alive. And a tad more edgy.
Residence:In A Crimson Ocean
Age:17 years
Quote:"I swear if you touch me,i'll eat your flesh."
Signed:12.02.2009 02:23
Logged:18.05.2012 18:49
Interests:Drawing, Gaming, Anime, Running, Relaxing... lol, music!
Images:29 (public images)
Favorites:111 (for user's images)

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Love drunk much?
guys and gals met Tazuma Izuru Kenzorugi or to freinds Spiker. this doesnt really happen to him....(sike)..well...he see...
Between Reality
Spiker the fox is basiclly the second character i made..he way oppisite to the hedgehog one.
Overpowered ?!
Spiker mangage only to defend hisself on the onslaught of his doppleganger android! after the battle is done he sees the...
Sonic The Hedgehog
I drew this before my lead ran out xD youll see new pics from me now too! now that my internet is up :3
Spiker The Hedgehog`Digital Waves((Gravity CTRL))
Borem gets the best of you...3 pages of white paper left and had to do it on line.So..yea! heres the new spiker and hes ...
Spiker the hedgehog..chillin in a meadow..
I got quite better over my absence sorry havent been on latey ive been publishing videos..heh heh.. anywho im back!
Soku and Minyosoku
kinda sucky..well bayli here you go
The change.
while reading the giver in my 3rd period class i got this idea from chapter 3..
No description
A breeze...
its been pretty breezy in l.a so why not? lol i took pic with webcam because scanner is being stupid >.> i might r...
Return..(Drawn to Eon beyond deep remix).
After The lost agaist prototype(A spiker android)his gravity power was lost and thus only leaving his speed ablitiy he r...
Spiker The Hedgehog((BackStory).jpg
Son of Kazuma and Mai and youngest brother of zemukura,Spiker has his fathers power of controlling Dark and Gravity powe...
No description
~It's Complicated~Sheeko((Custom Look ))
Lol the story is it took a while because it was my first time drawing her and it was difficult to custom her so i start...
Soriku's End? ::Deathwish::
Vs His Powerful foe X-2 he manged to beat him barely alive..his walks out the base on the set of the blood moon with a ...
Spiker the hedgehog(Gravity Drive)
Made new ggear for my good ol hedgehog but its not final im still working on how it would look plus his super form!
A breeze(Clear full ver.)
Scanner is fixed now you can see everything :D isnt it clear? :3
Melina The Bat.
4 chloe sorry it sucks it was before i improved :P well i think i speeled ur user wrong soo...yaa
::Reaper:: Tazuma(No Heart Vers.)
Tazuma,Turned to Reaper mode by Haze,He is now Evil He ripped out his own heart saying"It means nothing"He sho...
~Desperation Zero~Haze Returns?
NON COLOUR Tazuma meets with the Chaos King only to be killed by his power..
Haze Vs Tazuma:Resolve:
Death of Haze? No..its the beginning of change inside Tazuma..
Friends with the Zombie Keeper? Good Luck.
For Tifachan! Cause whats more better than being chased by your own creations :D? Wait WHAT.
REQUEST::Panda Jacket Sonic.
Oh jeez. one night im on the phone then i get asked to do this xD man..i did my best.
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