Gideon Graves...WHAT A DlCK.
Name:Alexis DeLaTorre
Residence:Charlotte, North Carolina
Signed:22.01.2010 15:50
Logged:22.05.2012 07:24
Interests:... Ponies.
Images:256 (public images)
Favorites:169 (for user's images)

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Robotboy from cartoon networks old cartoon "robotboy" UPDATE-tha next person to fave this will be Sniped.
the turtle race
No description
the stalkers
chris and tuppden (not really new OC just not really on sumopaint) have been stalking a girl all day.idiots
Anime-Contest! ^_^
my first contest EVER!hope you enjoy it!
Cresselia contest entry
i made it original colored
for ketchupnmustards's contest..the son of silver and a young boy(the picture)he got hurt in an accident t...
Another attempt at drwaing willy
and luckily a better one now that i can draw dogs better
My best friends & me as animals
title says it all.i wanna thank wolfdog801,grassfeather,angelofdarkness,silvertail, and trixisforkids for being great fr...
The yellow shorties
Both yellow midgets get ticked off when i tell them they'll be in the pic.
My fears
wizards,cats,things i see in my nightmares)would be the blAck thing wiht red eyes)and being shrunken
Inspired by my second favorite pokemon.
Anime Foxboy
Upgrade on the eyes.
for my friend 995886 ^_^
why hello.r u new here,i'm sure you'll have a "hell" of a time
Bryan the kat
though there my worst fear,theyre fun to draw! ^u^(this is colored version of the cat)he's my new OC and partner in...
what probably happens when you make bubbles mad
i'm guessing bubbles goes on a rampage.for silvertails took 4 and a half hours but it was worth it
The truth (chapter 2"added up")
my second chapter to my book
The truth(chapter 3"Aura")
my third spart of the story.i wonder how much i'll make.
nopel(left)and skeet(right) get lost. skeet and nopel are crying. are still looking for their home.
Read from darkest backround to lightest
Meta knight
No description
A little about me.
hehehe... XD
What happened today
my cuz broke my laptop swinging a charger around when i was on iscribble...then i had to turn it off and end a conversat...
join that T.K.P. group today!
Keif(pronounced Kk-EE-fff)believe it or not used to have hair and be normal.until a fateful day when he was walking in t...
epic conversation(slightly modified)
based on the conversation on my picture "happy halloween"
Halloween hell
on halloween,i went with my cousins to go trick or treating.the day before(i dont know how)i got a scar on my face.
Back baby
I'm back,after such a long time. Wonderful. :3
How come everytime I go to the park, someone shoots me? It hurts! Stop shooting me! Anyways,i'm immortal, and I bet...
Go. o3o
FFFF, i was bored, and inspired, by someone who draws 50x better than me. I'm thinking about Kingdom Hearts now. o3...
Goku non super saiyan with symbol on his shirt.
Nero the warrior
my new OC Nero.a warrior named nero.he is the sidekick of chris,and whenever he saves the world he says"if it weren...
rainbow hole
nice going!you are now going to fall in a giant rainbow hole forever and ever.
Greg the worm
Another worm of the series
Pac-Man fever
edit without the creature
Bomberman fever! america's most favorite game!unforetuneatelly that was in the 70's.but still,its cool!
Some guy in a jet
some guy in a litterall huh?
Skeletal ninja
a robot of total destruction!!! :O
My good friends
no dezcreepshon
rain picture.
for yangyexin's contest
pichu's evolutions
No description
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