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I have started fooling around
Yeah, Just fooling around...
Eeeh, i dont know. Is it a boring picture , or a nice one? I dont know!
I am going there fore some weeks with my family! Woho! ( I am from Sweden... )
Black and white .1
No description
Again and again and again
I painted it, and then i used the blur tool, and then i painted it again, and then i used the blur tool.....
It is a nice colour
It didnt fell fair to just do a USA picture, so i made one fore my country also, Sweden.
I like this one. Do you?
Black and white .2
Strawberry! Yummy!
One line. 3
One face made by one line and I did not drop the pen.
One line. 2
In the future I hopefully will scan in some pictures from my sketchbook, an then you will see a lot of these!
Its not done yet!
No description
Nice patterns
No description
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