feel like a big fish in a small pond becoming a small fish in a big pond when i see some peoples art work
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Age:17 years
Quote:"Normal people are so hostile"
Signed:23.03.2010 17:33
Logged:19.03.2014 19:06
Interests:drawing doodling playin piano and drums singing reading acting twilight n more random stuff
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edward and bella at prom
it finaly finished
Dexter Morgan
Well ive never really draw men that much, so this was just a bit of an expreiment. I absolutly love Dexter!!! So yeah...
No description
Untitled image
No description
Debra Morgan
still in a very creative artsy dexterish mood so got my watercolours out and started to paint :)
Team Edward
i was just messin around realy when i made this... just kinda experimenting with stuff :P
My profile pic
I wanted a profile pic soooo..... here it is
No description
Untitled image
No description
pegasus christmas poster
this is a poster that my art teacher wanted me to do for the school compertion
k so this is the original cleopatra pic i have dun ive dun another one that i am doing in colour.
Ramona Flowers
just a pencil drawing of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
No description
Debra Morgan
Debra Morgan from "Dexter" was in a really dexterish mood after drawing dexter-
Happy birthday
for someones birthday :P
ying yang
got bored again
emo girl
No description
No description
japan flag
No description
No description
love kills tattoo
sketched it a lot faster so not as good but oh well
Bell + edward new moon
well i draw this n then my teacher scanned it to her computer n told me to outline it on sumo personly i think the outli...
dark eye
well this is for my course work (ive got to do a gcse a year early n in half the time) ive got to do a scearcrow but hal...
ear piercings
well its course work AGAIN, same gothic girl as on the eye put its her ear
goth punk emo girl
course work.... this is the girl that i hope we r gonna use in the final sculpture
well yh this is me but i editted it slightly... im not actually emo tho more crazy goth/punk lol XD
neon rose
yr my little sis thought this was a frog but it isnt its a neon blue rose XD
vampires wars avi
yh so im on a game on facebook called vampire wars and this is my avi
busy bee
No description
No description
tattoo design
got bored in chemistry and drew this on my hand!
im anya pic
i have an unusual name...i can never find anything with my name i made my own!
Lost girl
Well this is my impression of Melanie from the Host by Stephenie Meyer
No description
Blood spatter wallpaper
wanted a blood spatter wallpaper and couldnt find one i i made my own :P
Sonic and Tails
just a sketch i did on the way to barcelona with my school
Me and my bowler hat
No description
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