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Age:16 years
Quote:"Bitchy attitude?? GTFO THEN!"
Signed:12.10.2009 16:28
Logged:22.04.2012 22:05
Interests:uhhhh wolves x3 anime x3 lions.
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Cheshire Cat
:D i LOVE this picture!
Simba :3
hehe simba :)
Vitani Cub!
hehe love it
kiara Done
Mufasa's deathhhh
yeaahh..... mufasa died =(
fight unfinished
omg.. so i notced that I haven't been on here in FOREVER..... and just because of that, i dedicded to start working...
nala :3
yay nala finally DONE!
me sad
I'm very sad at the time.... =( this is what it says on the pic: "I sit here, alone... thinking about you... w...
kovus death
oka okay, to get this straight. The cub is NOTT simba (even if she looks like him) she's kovu and kiaras cub, Zarab...
im not crazy, im just a little bit insane
alright, now that one bitch can't say that I copied this pic off o some other pic. this was 110% MY idea.
Roaring Lion
uhh....first time using sumo paint??
Tani ^^
yaaaayyyyy vitani rockkkkssssss
hehe like the name Ali-rose
thought i'd try something diff
me ND
yhh xD not done
Gothic girl
No description
woot ^^ i rock lol i was helllllllllaaaa bored...
we are one
i rlly rlly rlly like this pic :) ^^
kiara coloring step 1
umm i didnt feel like finishing it today xD working on it tomorrow
Nala and Simba ND!
umm... remix...... not done...... dont wanna color right now xD
Nala and Simba ND!2
as you can see, didnt get far today -.-
editing eye color
just wanted to see if i could edit the eye color... which worked!!! ^^
Ali-Rose edit
hehe like the name Ali-rose
wolf not done
imiss my drawing tabletttt :((
i dont think im gonna finish anything xD
emo edit
all i did was edit eyes skin, and lip color
used to b greeenn
title explains. used to be green.
a wolf for my series :)
a wolf for my series :)
the other one got so crapped up
ahaaa i love his eye colour
titel explains
ali the hedgehog
lol... my first hedgehog drawing xD not a fan of it... i waas gonna draw a wolf but it turned out that it wanted to be a...
nut dun
fail wolf
No description
fireflies at night
i was bored ?? those lighting thingies r fireflies :3
Nala and Simba remix done
kinda finished..... remix.
he aint done yet.
wolf decision
well.. the wolf in teh middle is meh.. and i gotta pick between these two boys. the one on the left is my "brother&...
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