Name:Chris Knowles
Quote:"im always happy no matterr what. unless lugia dies o_o"
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chibi wolf for sumolover's contest
aint she cuuute? i think this one is me in my wolf form! <3
chibi suicune
a remix of my chibi wolf, of a suicune. i think its Adoorable!! but i think my best would be my growlithe, anywayz, hope...
chibi Jolteon
soz bout my other one, i stuffed up. this is the real one. what pokemon shud i hcange my chibi wolf next????
Mew and Mewtwo.jpg
Requested by wolfdog801!!
flying lugia for animewolffreak's contest
finally done! hope u liiike.....
cat love
cute..... isnt it great to be in love?
chibi Growlithe
it was requested by wolfdog801. i know i gave it a mohawk and made it look more like arcanine but it suposed to be chibi...
a random bird. the 3 legendary birds mixed together. i know its small, but its for princesspokegirl's random contes...
Celebi with sunshine behind
the title says it all.
chibi meowth
isnt she gorgeuss???? i luv this pic.....
Lucario the pokemon
requested by wolfdog2
Rain castform for yangyexins contest
ehh her contest is about rain - so i did castform, in its rain form with rain (and a slight hail) in the background
Chibi Gaara
i was watching some naruto amvs on youtube and it came up with gaara - i thought he was haawwt! so i did chibi version o...
a chibi mightyena.
i just got my chibi wolf, and mixed it up a little and made a chibi mightyena. i was feeling kinda bad about my other mi...
Vesper for kuro neku's contest.
i knowww... it not coloured in propeerlyy... i blame sumo!!! it dont have the right colouring in tools!! LOL anywayz. ar...
anime girl
she looks familiar. i drew this from a memory of an anime girl... who is it?!?!?!!?
ALL DONE! i did chibi naruto on a rock and hinata on other side of tree..heh heh... cuute!
Haku. From spirited away.
this was requested... i also htought if people liked my chihiro so mch - i thought i'd do another one from spirited...
lugia moving to pool
this was requested by floatzel... just a silver lugia diving - or moving - into a pool
My First Contest!
Its all about love! love all around!
Susiron Contest Entry.
Its a sapien Sleeping on some luch grass near a small lake of water..... not relly good cos (despite you had a pic of on...
shadow lugia
No description
Lugia and articuno.
do u think this shud be my new display pic? reply with answer!!
a pic of me and bubbles. for silvertail's contest
i like dah bubbles! lol! i tried ot mak it underwater. but then you cant find bubble (the cat) cos it all blue. so i dec...
chibi vaporeon.
i just got my chibi wolf. got rid of the tail and head but kept the body nd legs. changed or remixed it into a vaporeon ...
jukiro's face.
jukiro is my villian that im entering in roguewolves contest - the demonics - his pale, with a scar across his face a...
Jukiros Past (extra bit for roguewolf's contest)
sorry if u cant read it. btw in there is something about their gang called the death eaters. ima guna make a pic of thes...
Chibi Houndour
awwwww... i remixed my chibi wolf int oa houndour. i think it cuuutte! but nothing beats my little growlithe with the mo...
Homer's Portrait. for Mrsjonas Contest
for her contest about portrais so i did homer;s portrait. not perfec! but not bad either!!!
chibi wolf for my new display pic.
i just cropped it, and made eyes cuter by mixing some colours. also redid the background colours. im only using this for...
No description
my first sumo paint pic. this is definatly my display pic.....
emo kid.
nice background. i am always guna use dat effect from now on.....
my lugia icon
my new display pic!
lugia - best pic yet...
even tho i just started sumo paint i think im getting better. this was made just by lines (straight and curvy) and the f...
Rainbow Contest Entry
A rainbow lugia..... for eliza20065's contest.
fireflies pic
yin yangs....... swirl....
i liike it. kinda peacfeull...
my sumo friends
me, sweetlil14 and yangyexin!
random. rushed. ehhh
uhm. originally i thought of totodile and cyndaquil fighting over chikorita, but i positioned them wrong. so instead i g...
not finished yet.
its the place setting for my mightyena pic. but i still got to add the mightyena.....
a mightyena for wolfdog801
i know it not good but he requested it, so i did it for him. theres a small pokeball by the tree if you look close enoug...
wolf howling to the moon
a wolf, standing on a ledge, howling ot the moon and stars. i like how this turned out. i was inspired by wolf's ra...
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