Young artist
Quote:"be good today great tommorow be better the next day dont be filled with sorrow"
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Cupid Portrait
heart sunglasses arrow through the chest, this guys all about love
Fish In love
Title says all
Weaved Flower
Like a handmade weaved place mat but a flower
spike flower on a lilly pad
i dont know why i did the triangles i was just showing my art teacher i did this at school in art class
The inside of a brain
the brain on the inside
a flower
fat sumo guy
im not making fun of sumo paints image i tried
Spin of hope
dedicated to my mom her choice of colors and the name
cosmic whirlpool
No description
i love giraffes
again .......i dont even know
color wheel
color wheel
Boy in the snow world
No description
No description
wilting flower
No description
gives u hell
No description
better than me
No description
its still to late 2 apologize
song title art i make these while listening to the songz
its really to late 2 apologize
song title art i make these while listening to the songz
No description
shoulda said no
No description
No description
No description
christmas tree
No description
No description
No description
creativity is the name
No description
Lava lamp
No description
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