Hey look at that I posted 200 pictures and it only took me a year in a half.
Age:16 years
Quote:""Aw crap... okay if anyone asked i killed you. Be smart and tell them i killed you. okay, you saved my bacon,pal. Alright, give em hell sweetheart" - defective turret, portal 2"
Signed:06.01.2010 01:39
Logged:25.05.2012 01:47
Interests:Pokemon-video games-playing piano-drawing, warriors
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Sonic, Shadow, and Silver
I'm sorry to brag but this has to be one of my best pics. Please fave EDIT: added shading
ralts evolution family
I was going to add gallade but there wasn't enough room EDIT: I added shading to make it look better i hope you...
Warriors: into the wild
From left to right: Tigerclaw/Tigerstar , Ravenpaw, Rusty/ Firepaw / Fireheart / Firestar (O.O too many names) Graypaw/...
The mad hatter
It may not be perfect but I really wanted to do this and I think it came out nice. Please fave
This. Movie. Rocked. Period.
I think this is pretty good for my first luxray. For AngelofDarkness's contest
portal 2
This took me forever, and for once i love how this came out. Let me explain, Pendragonlover18 and I were talking and we...
Notch-ear and pikachu-colored pichu
Aren't they the cutest?!
Demitri's pets
These are Demitri's pets, Caramell and Platinum.
Shadows are ruthless
Shadows are ruthless they sneak up and follow your every move they learn everything from you but dont make a sou...
Brambleclaw: For Corriebunny's contest
Okay two big accomplishments here One: I learned how to draw cats in three-four view :D Two: I finally used shading!
Inspired by the song "Fireflies" by owl city. The lyrics including fireflies and earth spinning slowly gave me...
Chinese zodiac 1
Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon.The basic traits of these zodiac animals are :rat-shy and soft-spoken, ox-changes fro...
Though the fire and the flames
On a cold winter's morning in the time befroe the light. In flames of death's eternal reing we ride towards th...
Demitri's doll, shadow, and spirit
Um ... Mirror, you're doing it wrong
Shadow's revenge comic 1
Demitri's shadow is getting her revenge
Shadow Revenge comic 2
Demitri is pretty dumb in her tiger form
Shadow's Revenge comic 3
Songo needs to watch her back!
Shadow's revenge comic 4
The battle starts!
Bored out of my mind...
Clair feels like a monster
The secret side of me I never let you see I keep it caged but i cant control it. So stay away from me, the beast is ugly...
Riolen and Jocario
They ended up cute and cuddly but don't underestimate their power. Jocario is a female and totally opposite version...
For dadomo's contest. Pyrix is a decepticon and can transform into a moped
Silence is Golden...
Pendragonlover18 told me this one
Ghoststar's shadow
Ghoststar is star ghost when she becomes leader. Not mine. Original by Silvertail
Fallingstar in the autumn. Does that seem coincidental or ironic to you?
Blazingpaw and Riverpaw
I'll be doing more of these (and hope fully they'll turn out better)
Starghost, Longfox, and Dragonfang
We'll always be closer than kin...- used lineart from Deviant art :D
Platinum82 or Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf: The world revolves around the warrior code. You must be willing to follow it at all costs but the code is bro...
Viridia-Animal I have become
Inspired by the song Animal I have become
Another random Moonclan warrior. Wolffang is her father if you wanted to know
Whatever path eack of us walks we will still be friends... Okay so this is Clair (Platinum82) and Sheko(995886) idk w...
Soaringeagle and Roaringlion
More random moonclan warriors
Animal I have become
Inspired by the music video Animal I have become by Three days Grace...As you can tell I lke this song
pokemon people contest
Deadline is May 15. Anyone can enter
Google sketchup expirment
This took me about half an hour. Not bad for a beginner, huh?
Riley's dream
Let me explain. The guy (Riley) dreams that he's sitting on a cliff watching the sunset. He hears a voice calling ...
Pinweel palette
Hopelessly random...
This is a picture of my Doberman,Blixz(Yes, his ears do look like that). I love him:)
Leafeon,Vaporeon,and Jolteon girls
I'm finally done the eeveelutions girls!-The self-centered vaporeon,the rough-and-tough tomboy jolteon,and the calm...
Daggerfoot: For Pokemonnoi678's contest
Daggerfoot is superfast and has an unusually striped black and cream tail; lavender eyes (obviously)
Save me, Riolu!
To sides of the same scene. On the left is what Riolen sees amd the right is the opposite.Left is Rilolen seeing hersel...
Which side do you see
I know its muddied up but work with me. Demitri was actually a freak accident in which a this girl was going to be give...
Demitri's Shadow got what she wanted...
Even Sheko better watch out!
Demitri's Friends
This is Sol the fox, Clair the wolf, and Annia the bat. They all were friends of Demitri when they were all still human ...
It's the end of the world!
I am bored out of my mind...
Shadow's revenge comic 5
She's so calm it's scary.
My shiny eevee
This is how i would color a shiny eevee Not mine original by Miststar
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