Name:Do you REAALLY need to know??
Residence:my house,USA, Earth, Universe
Age:18 years
Quote:"Oh hello. Yes, I am LarStar. Now stop looking at my profile info. That is called being a stalker. Look at my artwork. It's to the left, you can't miss it. Did you find it?? Good. You were being ridiculous."
Signed:16.05.2010 23:51
Logged:05.08.2011 18:53
Interests:drawing (duh), Harry Potter, reading, playing piano, hanging ut with friends, eating noodles.
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Harry Potter WP
A Wallpaper celebrating my Harry Potter obsession. ~8-)
I see the Light...
My favorite scene from Tangled.(Such an adorable movie!!) Sadly not drawn on sumo, but in colored pencils. http://www.yo...
my first ever sumo paint pic. comment if u like. please note that i did not draw this. . . only color it.
Alice In wonderland
Didn't do this on Sumo Paint, but i thought it was cute- especially the rabbit and Chesire cat!
A Very Potter Musical
If you don't know what this is click here: If you think the guy playing...
My lovely doodles, drawn in pencil, then uploaded, colored and edited virtually.
Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown: After 1 week of Dating
1st of many Harry Potter drawings. This shows Ron wishing Lavender would go away.
Not so Sweet Dreams a.k.a. When Not Even a Nightlight Helps
My first real Sump Paint Pic- Drawn then scanned then colored!! Please comment or rate- this took me a really long time....
Made by photoshop and me, not the best quality
Harry Potter and Hedwig
Harry Potter and His owl, Hedwig.
Out of the box
Another edited doodle!! plz comment or rate on all my pix!!
Self Portrait in Pink
Tried out a new style. . . what do ya'll think? Also, thanks to my sister for letting me borrow her tablet :)
Alice in Blue
Another drawing in my new style. . .not as good as the first though. .. I was actually watching the movie when i did thi...
Taylor Swift
A random picture of Taylor Swift. Ok, so my skin-tone marker turned out being darker than I thought, so thats why she lo...
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