Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Hope it was a lucky one! :)
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Akashiya Moka
Well, the original picture is my avatar. It didn't save as a second photo as I'd liked, but I suppose this is ...
Faceless Contest Entry~
This is my entry for Toxicheart's contest. *~* A faceless... er, fox-cat or something along with a faceless mou...
Crowpaw & Purdy
Crowpaw is annoyed by Purdy's apparent stupidity and oblivious-ness.
It was supposed to be a proper drawing but I didn't have time to finish it so I might finish it later~
This is a story of my emo kitteh who, ironically, is named Joypaw. She is in a predicament where she finally found true ...
Me + Boredom
The title is pretty self-explanatory. XD
Zi's Dialogue Remix
A retake on Rikuhoo's "Zi's Dialogue". I was a bit lazy on the background, I might make another one ...
Mermaid [Unfinished]
No description
Honeycloud~ [unfinished]
Honeycloud (my RP cat in DarkClan) just kinda sitting there... didn't have time to make a background but I probably...
Big Angry Dragon
RAWR! Drew this on normal MS Paint. XD
Roses are Red
... I have no idea.
Aquatic Flowers~
More to add to my boredom collection. ^_^
Walk at Midnight
... well I was lazy so I just used a mixture of brushes and created this. Snowflakes or stars, you decide. XP
Starry Night Background
Background I made for a Warriors AMV! ^.^ Feel free to use it for your own purposes. :3
Stinky the Space Whale :3
Another addition to my random 2-minute doodles XD
The weirdest love ever. Pree much an inside joke. Kiwiifruitehh~ EKxJP FTW!
I have NO idea. I was sketching and then it just failed like most of my other drawings. XD
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