Hey guys I'm gonna get off Sumopaint forever, sorry. I'm not finding the time to get on anymore, so I can't make art. I'm so sorry for everyone and those who requested. I might get on from a monthly basis but it will be rare to find me on. Thanks for all the memories though! The artists on here have inspired me and sometimes helped me through the rough patches on here. Thank you all.
Quote:"love is a burning thing, it makes a fiery ring. bound by wild desire, I fell into a ring of fire. I fell into a burning ring of fire, went down down down and the flames, got higher. And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire"
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bath tub
mommi: dont drown, Damon Me: I know mommi mommi: *leaves the bathroom* **30 minutes laterz** mommi: *walks i...
army of lost souls
this is soul eater. he was once a little stuffed pup. but, the little boys mother threw me out because he was ruined. H...
me and Flight just woke up from kindergarten nap
Emo dude
I got this from a remix and covered up the heart on his shirt, I colored the backround a dark gray, I put some shadows ...
Damon is hurt and bleeding
me as a pika
hehe I shape-shift to pika :)
hehe me in a gir costume :P Girs my homie :D peace out
you hurt her, you die
for Flighta (kidicarusrocks)
for silvertail
to Hahasuckers1
Fuck off sucker
ma boy Bandit.
mah puppeh Bandetttt
sleeping together
me and Flight sleeping together on the couch. I lended her my shirt and thats why its so big on her. and Im sleeping in ...
my little captive
Durin: hes going to die soon. all thos wounds and that toxic gas hes breathing.
is life worth crying for?
in TPC only theres no ring in my lip
Venom, my OC.
mah new gay OC, Venom ^^ He works at a gay bar and has to give men their pleasure. He is a seme (wich means a gay dude t...
My friend Soccerglove told me 2 try drawing Willy so I tried.
Cartoon piggie!
It looked alot better on my paper : /
That is me from The Prodigy Chronicles and Im burning to death after being captured by the ringmaster. who will come to ...
Adam Lambert
his outfit is from his musice video: "For your entertainment" IT TOOK ME FOR EVER!!!!
please dont die, Flight.
Damon saved Flight after she defended him, but she is in serious pain. Damon: please d-dont die Flight. Please d-dont...
more pikas
hehe me when I was younger in pika costume =)
Susiron's OC "Harris"
I tried Susiron!!!
this is for the contest from silvertail.
Bubbles and cherry blossom
for Silvertails contest.
found this on google. (not mine!!!!)
For Mimi chan. Base from Deviant Art
Me when I was little with my....*ahem*.... stuffed voodoo bunny...... TPC
me and Flighta (I got lazy so I didnt draw my ears) Me and Flighta hugging. soo.... yeah
Kill the light
i named him moonlight :) original by Sloyfa.
No description
my Dragon, Crow. his po- well, weapons are his fire breath, his tail bomb, and his dangerous claws that grow out
needle - TPC
this was earlier in TPC
**in a resturant at night** Flight: Im going to the bathroom. Be right back. *gets up* Damon: OK I'll wait ou...
gone again
I died again.....
this is waht I looked like at my cocert a few days ago
this is what I looked like at my concert a few days ago. my guitar doesnt look like that, it actually looks like a blood...
request from Chloe! Refrence used!
Doggy and Kitty
Mi thoughts: hey! Just because Im a doggy doesnt mean I cant hang out with a kitty!
I cant
No description
life hurts page #1
my story "life hurts" page 1 I was born. my mom Ashley DeBarough died giving birth to me. Of course, my dad...
Why Cant You just kill me already?
I lay on the floor, holding the wound of my bleeding eye. Nara and Nada were laughing at me, blabbering about how good I...
I hate JB alot.
I hate him. I dink sometime I are going to bring a missle launcher to one of his concertz, and in the middle of hiz song...
Hello, Flighta.
Okay so this guy named Kronos (not Krose) had been watching over Flighta her whole life and he began to like her and whe...
wolf puppy
A wolf puppy drawing
Damon (me)
This is me from the prodigy chronicles. thanks for drawing me Kidi!
The cure to the green bubbily stuff :P
The cure to the green bubbily stuff boiling out of my arm. This is worn by the ringmaster around his neck. It is a silv...
... I hate him. he sounds like a 2 yr old and looks like one too. he is soooo ugly the way his hair comes over his face ...
OH NO!!!!! ITS godzilla. Godzilla says rawr. I drew this on the back of my math paper once. when people saw it they eith...
guess who they are. correct. Damon and Flighta. I hate drawing people =.='
for Frizzys contest
I iz girl >:]
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