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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is is a thriving online art community of over a 15 million unique users and over 300 000 registered members from over 220 countries. The primary purpose of the community is to create, share, remix, explore, comment, rate and fave the artwork of its members. hosts the internet's most versatile painting / photo manipulation application called the Sumo Paint.

What is the Sumo Paint application?

Sumo Paint is a full featured photo editing / painting application, which works right in your favorite web browser! The application can be used in Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. The only requirement is the Flash Player (which usually comes preinstalled in any OS).

Do I have to register in order to be able to use the Sumo portal?

The portal may be used without registration, but in order to take full advantage of all the features of the services and tools, you will need to register for an account.

I have problems opening the Sumo Paint application

You should have the newest Flash Player. You need Flash Player 9 or 10 to use the Sumo Paint application.

I have problems saving images to my Sumo account

First of all, make sure you have the newest version of Flash Player 10 installed on your computer. Depending on your internet connection, saving a large multilayer image to Sumo account can take sometimes as long as 5-10 minutes. Do not close the Sumo Paint application before the "Saving image" pop-up has disappeared.

How do I install the newest version of Flash player?

Download the Flash player installer from Adobe's download page and run it. Follow the installing instructions of the Flash player installer.

Do I own the copyright to the artwork I have made with Sumo Paint

Yes. The artist allways owns the original artwork made in Sumo Paint and the copyright to it.

I remixed my friends artwork. Do I own the copyright to the remix?

No. The original creator owns the copyright to all the remixes and derivates made from the original artwork. Even if you turn the original artwork into a completely different piece of art, you do not own the copyright to it.

I downloaded a cool image from Google. Can I publish it on my Sumo profile?

No. You must explicitly own the copyright to all the images you publish on Sumo Paint as your own artwork.

I downloaded a cool image from Google. Can I save it privately to my Sumo Account?

Yes you can, but only privately.

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