Sumo Downloads

Install Sumo Paint Pro, Adobe AIR, Cooliris Wall...

1. Download Adobe AIR

You will need to have Adobe AIR installed to your system.
You can get it here or clicking the button below.

2. Download Sumo Paint Air

Download the latest version of Sumo Paint Air.

Download Sumo Paint Air

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Sumo Paint Pro?

Sumo Paint Pro is your ticket to ultimate Sumo experience. You will get the locally installed version of Sumo Paint and many other benefits with only 19 $. You will also support Sumo future development and help us to keep Sumo fast and clean.

  • License to downloadable Sumo Paint Air
  • Commercial use of both offline and online applications
  • Free updates for Sumo Paint Air and other future tools
  • Sumo Paint Pro settings and statistics

PS. This is only a begining. Developing new tools and features for Sumo Paint Pro users is our highest priority.

What is Sumo Paint Air?

Sumo Paint Air is the same application that can be used online (try it here), except it works locally without internet connection and you you can save files in Sumo format. Sumo Paint Air is done with Adobe AIR technology and you can access your Sumo account from the local version as well. You will get the link for downloading AIR version after joining Sumo Paint Pro.

Sumo Paint Pro Features
You don't have Sumo Paint Pro yet, so these functions are disabled. Upgrade to Sumo Paint Pro and get your ticket to ultimate Sumo experience and help us to improve the website and tools.

Sumo Downloads

Install Sumo Paint Pro, Adobe AIR, Cooliris Wall...

Sumo Statistics

Latest statistics about users, pro upgrades and images.
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